Less Obvious Places Melanoma Can Hide

While skin cancer has become widely known and understood with the increasing media and medical news coverage, there are still many things that the general public doesn't understand about it. Unfortunately, some of those things can put you at risk of having skin cancer and not even know about it. In fact, there are areas where melanoma can hide that many people don't ever think to check. While you're watching your moles and other spots for signs, here are a few other places to keep an eye on. Read More 

3 Tips For Childhood Medical Care

When it comes to helping your child get healthy and stay healthy, you need to handle their medical needs with some strategy. The cornerstone of this strategy is to find the right primary care doctor that can address their health concerns. With this in mind, make sure that you follow the tips below so that you can not only find the right pediatric services but also get care that keeps your child healthy and strong for their entire lives. Read More 

Alternative Pain Management Options

With the burgeoning realization that opiate addiction is virtually an epidemic in the United States, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is paying more and more attention to prescribing medical personnel, medical facilities, pharmacies, and patient records. While narcotics when used responsibly are certainly a valuable and valid tool in the arsenal of pain management treatments, they are not the only option. Here's a look at four other options that your physician may decide are appropriate for you. Read More 

Three Tips On Getting Ketamine Therapy For Depression

If you are a person that deals with the symptoms of depression, it's important that you get the help of professionals that can offer you therapy. Regardless of the severity of your depression, plenty of people have found relief through ketamine, so it's worth your consideration. This article will explain the benefits of partaking in ketamine therapy and will help you make the most of it by reaching out to a health and medical professional that can assist you further. Read More 

Five Benefits Of Using Next Generation Sequencing For Microbes

Microbes are small living organisms. Almost all larger living things are hosts for microbes, but non-living things can carry organisms on their surfaces too. In laboratory testing, microbes are usually viruses or bacteria, or part of the genetic material of a specific individual or animal species. DNA tests that utilize next generation sequencing, like those tests run at Fry Labratories, are invaluable to testing microbes. Here are five benefits of using next gen sequencing for microbes and what it means to humans. Read More