How Do You Know If You’re A Good Candidate For A Breast Lift Procedure?

You're clothes just don't fit you well up top and you feel a little self-conscious about how things look when you see your upper body in the mirror. If these situations feel all too familiar, you've probably given at least a little thought to a breast lift procedure. Breast lifts are one of the most common cosmetic procedures sought by women, and it's clear why that is the case. As you grow older, have children, etc, the fullness and shape of your breasts will naturally change, and this can definitely be an unwelcome event. Here are a few things to know about whether or not you will be a good candidate for a breast lift procedure. 

Your breasts have a more elongated shape and there seems to be loose skin. 

Believe it or not, not everyone who sees their breasts as droopy will actually have breasts that are the right formation for a breast lift procedure. To be a good candidate, the doctor will look to ensure your breasts have an elongated shape, with loose skin tissue that would be easily removed. Some people may describe this breast shape as pendulum-shaped or flattened. 

Your nipples point downward or you have enlarged areolas because of stretching. 

Looking at your nipples, their condition, and their position is a good way to determine if you would be a good candidate for a breast lift surgery. In general terms, if your nipples point downward or sit below the natural crease of your breasts, it is a good sign that a breast lift could bring your breasts to a more natural position. Likewise, if your nipple position has changed but they are not pointing downward, and your areola size has stretched and changed, you may be a good candidate. 

You are in overall good physical condition and don't smoke. 

If you are a smoker, it can make you more prone to infections and cause your body to heal more slowly than usual, which may make the doctor more hesitant to do the procedure. Also, your doctor may want to see that you are a healthy weight. Being a healthy weight that is stable is important because gaining and losing weight can further change the shape of your breasts. These changes can compromise the overall success of a breast lift procedure. For example, if you have the breast lift done, and then you lose a lot of weight, your breasts may droop again because of loss of fatty tissue in the breasts. 

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