Why You Need Nutrition Counseling Throughout Your Weight Loss Journey

Many people who want to lose weight have nutrition counseling in the early stages of their journey, but slowly stop attending appointments. Nutrition counseling is an important tool throughout all phases of your journey. Adjustments Your established nutrition plan will be mostly influenced by your current weight and activity level. As you lose weight, and your exercise program changes, you will need to re-evaluate your nutritional needs. Sometimes the most challenging aspect of adjustments is the need to further decrease your calories and/or increase the amount of calories you burn each day. Read More 

Sports Rehab: FAQs

Sports injuries can potentially occur anytime and anywhere. Regardless of whether you casually jog or play sports professionally, you can't afford or want to be on the sidelines for an extended period of time. There are numerous options for recovery when it comes to sports rehabilitation facilities, but many people have questions about what they should expect. If you are one of those individuals with questions, read on to possibly get the answers to some of them. Read More 

Understanding How To Prepare For Your Colonoscopy

Colonoscopies are often scheduled for people who are over the age of 50, and they allow your doctor to inspect the colon for any signs of growths or precancerous polyps. You will absolutely need to prepare for the procedure in the 24 hours beforehand, so keep reading to learn how you can go about doing this. Drink Clear Liquids You can and should drink an ample amount of fluids in the 24 hours leading up to your colonoscopy. Read More 

What to Know Before Buying a Wheelchair for a Trip

If you're planning a trip that requires a lot of walking, but you don't think you can keep up due to a medical condition or recent injury, consider buying a wheelchair. If your doctor determines that a wheelchair is medically necessary for you, your insurance may even pay for it. However, if it's just for your own convenience, you may need to go to a medical equipment store and buy one yourself. Read More 

Has Your Child Been Diagnosed With Muscular Dystrophy? What You Should Know

If you have recently found out that your child has muscular dystrophy, you might be understandably confused and concerned about the situation. Muscular dystrophy is a serious condition that requires management and care. Get to know some important information about muscular dystrophy in children. Then, you will be ready to do everything you can to support and care for your child as you all deal with their new diagnosis.  There Are Many Different Types of Muscular Dystrophy Read More