Why See Your Family Practitioner When You’re Healthy?

Your family doctor's office might be the first call you place when you're feeling very sick. However, your doctor is someone you can consult regularly to ensure that you're in good health. In fact, some things you experience throughout a typical year could require the help of a medical professional you know. If any of the scenarios here describe your current situation, contact your family practitioner.

You Want to Lose or Gain Weight

Many people aren't satisfied with their current weight. They immediately set out to restrict calories if they want to lose weight, or eat more calories if they want to weigh more. However, such changes can affect your vitamin and nutrient consumption, which can cause mood disruptions and physical problems if you're not very careful. Your doctor can advise which weight may be right for you and suggest actions that will enable safe gaining or losing. If you're on regular prescription medicines, they may also check whether the drugs are interfering with or causing any weight issues you're not happy with. If you've put on too much weight in the past year, for instance, your physician may prescribe something else so the gains stop.

You Want to Start a Diet

Even if your weight is fine, you might want to start a heart-healthy diet, a vegan diet or many of the other special diets that are popular nowadays. A doctor visit is also in order for these situations because your doctor will be able to analyze how such a diet may affect you. For example, if you plan to start a vegan lifestyle and diet, the physician might recommend B12 supplements because you'll no longer be ingesting meat.

You Want to Take Supplements

Before you take that hot new supplement for brain health or greater energy, see a doctor. Some supplements could negatively interact with anything you're already taking, and the ingredients could disrupt your current health without your knowledge. Your doctor can investigate specific supplements and advise you.

You Have Mental Health Issues

If you've been feeling sad or anxious more than usual, you might wonder if a psychologist or therapist is what you need. Before seeking out those professionals, you may want to see your physician. They can run blood tests, allergy tests and other checks to see if perhaps you have vitamin deficiencies or health issues that are causing your mood changes.

For these and many other situations, your doctor is a source of advice and solid information. Interact with your family practitioner regularly and be a great steward of your own health. To learn more, contact a clinic like 75th St Medical Center.