Exploring Medical Treatments For Obesity: What Are Your Options?

It's no secret that obesity is a growing problem in today's society. But what isn't talked about as often is the medical treatments available for those struggling with weight loss. This article discusses the various medical treatments available to help people with obesity reach their weight loss goals. Surgical Intervention  Surgical intervention is an increasingly popular medical treatment option for people with obesity. Surgery is most commonly used as a long-term solution when diet and exercise have not worked or the patient's BMI is higher than 30. Read More 

4 Critical Services You Can Get From A Physical Therapy Clinic

Physical therapy clinics are designed to provide individuals with a wide range of services to help them recover from injury or illness. From helping you start your rehabilitation journey after an accident to developing a specific treatment plan for chronic pain, physical therapists are trained and experienced in a variety of fields to ensure their clients can resume normal activity as soon as possible. This article discusses four critical services that many physical therapy clinics offer. Read More 

Ultrasound Scans | Beyond Pregnancy

An ultrasound scan uses sound waves to create an image, called a sonogram, of the inside of the body that looks similar to a black-and-white photograph. However, if you thought ultrasounds were just used during pregnancy, you'd be wrong. How Does an Ultrasound Work?  Ultrasound waves are high-frequency sound waves. The medical technician holds a device called a transducer against your skin that sends sound waves into the body and picks up the echoes as they bounce off organs and tissues. Read More 

The Importance Of Having Your Hearing Loss Detected And Addressed

Your ability to hear well can be a vital part of your daily function and safety. When you strain to hear what is going on around you, you might feel less capable of being able to continue your normal work and family routine. Instead of living with this diminished sense, you can find out to what extent it is compromised. You can then have your hearing loss addressed so you can resume your normal routine better. Read More 

When Do Runners Need Orthotics?

Some runners can run for years and never really need anything other than a good pair of shoes to keep their feet and legs healthy. Other runners can benefit from a little something more — like a pair of orthotic inserts. So when do runners need orthotics? How do you know whether this is something you could benefit from? Here are some signs you may want to start looking for a pair. Read More