Keys To Being Comfortable During An Indian Head Massage

Although it has deeply traditional roots, a form of massage known as Indian head massage is becoming increasingly popular at clinics in North America. If you enjoy getting massages and are always interested in experiencing a new form of this healing modality, you may wish to see if one of the clinics in your area offers Indian head massages. Different practitioners offer this treatment in different ways, but it often takes place with you seated instead of lying down. It can take a period of adjustment to get used to receiving a massage while you're in a chair. Here are some tips to help you be comfortable. 

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Unlike other forms of massage, in which you get partially undressed, you'll remain clothed while you sit in the chair for an Indian head massage. Choosing the right clothing can be instrumental in keeping you comfortable during the treatment. The best attire tends to be anything that has lots of stretch. Athletic pants, sweatpants, and other similar garments are ideal. If you're having your massage immediately after work, you won't regret taking a moment to change from your workplace attire into an outfit that is more comfortable.

Relax Your Shoulders

It's easy to hold tension in your shoulders at many different times of the day. A lot of people do so at work, and if you've booked your Indian head massage after work, you may still be in the habit of keeping your shoulders tight once you sit in the massage therapist's chair. Before the treatment begins, make a point of relaxing your shoulders. One simple way to do so is to lift them up, take a deep breath, and lower them when you exhale. Don't be afraid to repeat this sequence one or more times during the treatment to keep this part of your body relaxed.

Lean Your Head Back

An Indian head massage is very relaxing, and you'll often find that your head starts to feel heavy as your body relaxes. Instead of tightening your neck muscles to keep your head upright, it's suitable to lean your head back so that it gently rests on the front of the massage therapist's body. In Indian head massage, the practitioner will often encourage you to do so at the start of the treatment. If you feel uneasy about having your head directly against their body, they will often have a pad or pillow that they can place between your head and their torso.

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