Vitamin A And Its Effects On Your Eye Health

"Eat your carrots. They're good for your eyes!" How many times did you hear that advice as a kid? While you may be tired of hearing about how carrots are good for your eyes, it really is important to understand how vitamin A, the nutrient which carrots are known for, benefits your eye health. Here's a closer look to how and why your eyes utilize vitamin A, along with some ways (other than eating carrots) to get more of this nutrient into your diet. Read More 

Enjoyable Features To Ask For When You Shop For A Walk-In Tub

When you have limited mobility for any reason, one of the challenges that you'll face is stepping over the side of a conventional bathtub. The solution to this issue is to visit a medical supply store and order a walk-in tub that can be installed after the traditional tub is removed. Walk-in tubs are ideal because you can step right into them to bathe. Walk-in tubs can be equipped with a variety of features that will enhance your bathing experience. Read More 

The Best Three Types Of Exercises To Slow Down The Progression Of Osteoporosis

If you are over the age of 50 and just received news from your bone density that you have osteopenia, the first stage of osteoporosis, you are not alone. This is a common health problem for women that are in this age category, but there are things you can do that will help stop this condition from worsening. Exercising is the best remedy you have for this, and here are the top three types of exercises you should focus on to stop your osteoporosis from worsening. Read More 

Understanding The Use And Purpose Of Thyroid Ultrasound

Problems with your thyroid can trigger a host of symptoms and complications, including fatigue, hair loss, heart palpitations and weight gain. If your symptoms also include a sore throat or trouble swallowing, your doctor may suspect that you have nodules on your thyroid. The best way to diagnose this is the use of an ultrasound. Here are a few things you should know about thyroid ultrasound procedures. The Basics Of The Thyroid Ultrasound Read More 

3 Ways To Support Your Boy’s Language Development

While it is common for girls to start talking before boys, boys should still hit most of the major developmental milestones regarding speech and language around the same time as their female counterparts do. However, the instance of language delays is higher in boys than girls, most likely due to exposure to higher amounts of testosterone while they are developing. Because boys may be at higher risk for language delays, it is important that the parents of boys remain aware of how they can support their child's language patterns. Read More