Three Ways To Relax Before Receiving Medical Care

Whether you're heading to an appointment with your general practitioner or are visiting an urgent care center because of a medical emergency, it can be easy to develop feelings of anxiety. Although the unknown nature of your appointment can initially be a little unnerving, it's important to remember that you're in the capable hands of a physician who is dedicated to your care. If you have a little trouble remembering this fact, you can focus on some simple relaxation methods that can help melt away your anxiety. Read More 

Understanding The Vaccination Debate

The debate over whether to vaccinate against common viruses has appeared in the media several times over the years, sometimes causing parents to question their decision on the matter. The truth is, there is a lot of solid science on one side, and a lot of solid statistics on the other, making it hard to get a truly accurate read on the matter. In order to make the most well-informed decision on vaccinating your child you first have to better understand the positions of both sides of this matter. Read More 

Tips For Using Energy Supplements

There are all kinds of great energy supplements on the market today. These supplements can help you to get through your day with ease...and with enough energy left over to do things like spend time with your family or even get in a little exercise. However, before you choose and start taking an energy supplement, and even after you do, there are things you should do to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the products you are using. Read More 

Tips To Keep Your Hearing Aid Safe From Water Damage

Hearing aids can be among the best options for those that are suffering from permanent hearing loss. While these devices can provide much-needed relief for those with this condition, they are extremely sensitive. In particular, moisture can cause tremendous damage to these devices, but there are a couple of tips that you can follow to help ensure that your hearing aid does not encounter major problems from water damage.  Consider How Much You Sweat Read More 

The Role Of Family Physicians In Treating Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Family physicians play a key role in recognizing and managing autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in children. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians and family medicine doctors perform developmental evaluations and autism screening to detect early signs of ASD at a baby's 18- and 24-month well-child visits. If these initial screenings suggest developmental delays, a family physician can then refer the child to the appropriate specialists for comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. Read More