Sports Rehab: FAQs

Sports injuries can potentially occur anytime and anywhere. Regardless of whether you casually jog or play sports professionally, you can't afford or want to be on the sidelines for an extended period of time. There are numerous options for recovery when it comes to sports rehabilitation facilities, but many people have questions about what they should expect. If you are one of those individuals with questions, read on to possibly get the answers to some of them. 

What Kind of Injuries Can Be Treated at Sports Rehab? 

Sports-related injuries can range from something less severe like a twisted ankle to more severe injuries that may require surgery and also physical therapy. Injuries like these are addressed in sports rehab with a special approach. Since athletes rely heavily on their joints and other areas for optimal performance, sports rehabilitation will focus on restoring movement as well as enhancing tendons, ligaments, and muscles, ensuring that you are able to fully return to your regular activities. 

What Can You Expect from the Initial Visit? 

At your first visit, you will speak with a rehab specialist and discuss the extent of your injury. During this visit, the specialist will take a look at your injury and may request that you perform a few movements of low impact, which will allow them to diagnose how severe your injury is. You will be asked the specific sports that you engage in, which will allow a recovery plan to be personalized for you. Once everything has been covered, you and the specialist will walk through a course of treatment for future rehab sessions. 

What Types of Treatment Will Be Received? 

Each sports injury is incredibly unique, which means that your recovery will need to be personalized to your injury. Your rehab sessions may vary in length and can include various types of recovery therapies like massage, icing, and whirlpool treatments in an effort to reduce inflammation and control pain. Your rehab specialist will likely utilize a combination of strength building exercises and stretches that can be used at home and in the office. In addition, visits to the chiropractor and other specialists may be prescribed for more enhanced treatment.  

How Long Will Recovery Take? 

The length of your recovery will greatly depend on the severity of your injury. You may only require a handful of sessions, or you may require two- or three-months' worth of sessions. Ultimately, it will depend on how your body responds to the treatment. In addition, keep in mind that the rehab is not just about recovery, as it is also about prevention. Once motion has been restored, the site of the injury is still weak, which means that you will likely still need therapy to strengthen it.  

If you have more questions or would like additional information, contact a sports rehabilitation service in your area.