Got Belly Fat? 2 Ways You Can Shrink It Down

Belly fat seems to be the hardest to get rid of on your body, but you can do it with determination and discipline. Weight in the middle also increases your chances of developing high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Below are some helpful tips to help you get back in shape again. Exercise Exercise is good for your heart, as well as your body. You should learn the right types of exercises to do for your belly fat, as different exercises target different areas of your body. Read More 

Four Common Back Pain Problems For Ballet Dancers

Ballet dancers are known for suffering a host of bodily aches and pains, and the back is one place where injuries and discomfort are common. Here's a look at four common back pain issues for ballet dancers in the lumbar, or lower spine, area (versus the cervical or thoracic spine). Those five vertebrae between the ribs and the pelvis can be a devil of a problem! Sacralisation While there are normally five distinct lumbar vertebrae, sometimes the fifth lumbar vertebra (L5) is fused with the sacrum (pelvis). Read More 

4 Types Of Treatment For Fallen Arches

Do you have fallen arches, otherwise known as flat feet? Do you often experience pain or inflammation in your feet? There are a number of reasons why people get flat feet. Some are born with them. Others suffer an injury that causes the condition. Others experience fallen arches as a natural part of aging. For some people, the condition isn't painful, but for others it can be extremely painful. If you're experiencing any kind of discomfort, it's important that you see a podiatrist for treatment. Read More