Reasons Why An Abortion Is Sometimes Necessary

Regardless of what some people might believe, it's never easy for someone to get an abortion. It's almost always an extremely difficult decision that comes with lots of painful emotions and heartache. However, it's a decision that should be left up to the pregnant person and not anyone else. 

Abortion has always been a contested issue, perhaps more now than ever. It's important to realize that there are lots of situations that make getting an abortion necessary. Contrary to what some believe, most people aren't using abortions as a form of birth control but instead as an option for extreme situations they face. 

Here are some examples of scenarios that make an abortion a logical choice, albeit a difficult and painful one.

Health Problems

Sometimes, it's dangerous—or potentially deadly—for some people to give birth. Their doctor might have told them there are additional risks for them in delivering a child. In these cases, an abortion is a medical choice that can save a person's life. 

In some situations, there may be signs of health problems found in the fetus. If they were to be born, they would suffer for their entire lifetime or not survive at birth. The mother might choose to have an abortion rather than bring a child into the world only to suffer. 

Too Young to Care for a Child

Teenage pregnancies are an unfortunate reality, and it's not fair to expect a kid to have a baby. They're still growing up themselves, so raising a baby at the same time can be too difficult to bear. While some would have assistance from family members, others aren't so lucky. They're the only ones who can decide whether or not it would be best to have an abortion. 

Financial Difficulties

Some people want to force others to give birth even when they face financial struggles. However, they don't want to provide any financial assistance once the child is born. Rather than having a child grow up in poverty, a pregnant person should have the option to get an abortion if they choose. 

Abandoned by Child's Father

All too often, someone will get pregnant, and the child's father will abandon them. It's not fair to expect someone to raise a baby alone. Instead, some choose to get an abortion so they don't have to take on parenthood in a disadvantaged position. 


There are far too many cases of rape and incest in this world, and pregnancies sometimes occur. In these cases, it would be cruel to force a victim to give birth, so they should always have abortion as an alternative option.

Reach out to an abortion services provider to learn more.