Why Take Custom Supplements?

While some people get the vitamin and mineral boosts they need from generic multivitamins, these supplements don't work effectively for everyone. Some people sign up for a custom health supplement service instead. 

How do these services work? What are the advantages of using them?

How Does a Custom Health Supplement Service Work?

Custom health supplement services provide multivitamin products. However, this service is personalized rather than generic. 

These companies assess the vitamin and mineral needs of an individual before they send out a supply of products. Most often, they use detailed age, gender, health, and lifestyle questionnaires to gather the information they need. Some companies also use blood tests or even a DNA analysis at this stage of the process.

Companies then use this information to build a picture of the nutritional supplements you might need to take. This data shows areas where you might have deficiencies or extra needs.

Once this analysis is complete, the company will tell you its results. If you want to go ahead, they then send you packs of supplements on a regular basis as long as you are signed up for the service.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Multivitamins?

Generic multivitamins can do a good job. They can give you a boost of useful vitamins and minerals when you need them.

However, these multivitamins aren't designed to meet your exact requirements or nutritional deficiencies. These packs work on a "one-size-fits-all' basis. They are designed for anybody who wants a general multivitamin boost.

So, you might not see the results you want from generic products. They might not contain the vitamins or minerals that you need to take. In this case, you aren't likely to see full benefits from using these products. They won't completely meet your physical needs.

Plus, you might end up taking some vitamins or minerals that you don't actually need. You might already get enough of these supplements from your diet, so your multivitamins simply top up your levels. In some cases, an excess of vitamins can be bad for you. So, you might feel worse rather than better.

If you use a custom health supplement service, then you get supplements that are more accurately targeted to your physiological needs. You won't increase your intake of unnecessary vitamins and minerals; you'll get the supplements you need at the right dosage. So, you should start to see more benefits.

To find out more about how this process works, contact a custom health supplement service.