3 Facial Botox Options to Consider

Botox is a very common and safe cosmetic procedure that is not permanent but with maintenance can provide more youthful-looking skin. Many people start using botox from an early age so that the change is less noticeable and that the effects of aging are slowed down even more. Facial Botox is, of course, the most popular type of botox but there are many different areas on the face that you can choose to have injections. If you have never had facial Botox before and are not sure what you need or want, then here are a few of the most common areas that people choose to get work done.

Frown Lines

Frown lines may not be the most obvious place to get facial Botox, but when you consider how much of an impact they have on your overall expression it becomes very clear. Due to their proximity to your eyes, frown lines can give off the impression that you are, as the name suggests, frowning or unhappy. This may not even be the case and you simply have a more developed line there due to genetic causes, and facial Botox can help straighten this problem out so it is smoother and less prone to giving off the wrong impression.

Crow's Feet

Of course, crow's feet are perhaps the number one place on your face that people will choose to get botox injections because of how important the eyes are for socializing. The first feature on your face that people look at when talking is your eyes, and if you have obvious crow's feet then this can severely dampen your confidence. You don't need to put up with feeling insecure when facial Botox is so easy to organize and so quick to take effect. If you don't want crow's feet to be a problem, it doesn't have to be!


Whenever there is a sharp edge or overhanging feature on your body the elasticity of your skin becomes far more important. Droopy skin underneath your chin is very common and is one of the first signs of aging that many men and women recognize. Facial Botox can help smooth this area out and keep your defined features more prominent so that you don't feel like you have flaps of skin in compromising areas. It doesn't take much work to make a huge difference to your overall self-confidence, so talk to a professional in the botox field to see what they can do for you.