Advantages of Ketamine Infusion Therapy

People struggling with mental illnesses, such as depression, often have difficulty finding alternative remedies when they are unresponsive to first-line treatments. Thus, health experts have developed alternative treatment plans to regular therapy sessions and antidepressants. One ideal treatment option for depression and PTSD that doctors are increasingly considering is Ketamine infusion therapy, otherwise known as KIT therapy. KIT therapy is effective and remedies patients' conditions with minimal undesired side effects. Patients with severe anxiety, PTSD, TRD, and chronic pain can benefit from KIT therapy. Some of the benefits are provided below:

KIT Therapy Offers Fast, Lasting Relief

The first significant advantage of KIT therapy in addressing mental illnesses is its effects which are manifested timely. Usually, within a few hours of patients subjecting themselves to a KIT therapy treatment, it reduces their depressive symptoms, offering relief.

While scientists have not fully pinpointed the exact mechanism that causes KIT therapy to have this effect, they often tie the result to KIT therapy's ability to increase glutamate production. Glutamate is the primary neurotransmitter in the brain that strengthens and restores neural connections by enhancing the growth of synapses. The changes triggered by glutamate help to repair the connections in the brain, restoring the impairments caused by mental illnesses.

Efficiency and High Success Rate

Patients should consult their doctors to more fully understand the efficiency and success rate of a medical procedure before signing off. Usually, patients and their loved ones ask to find out the success rate of a particular treatment plan before adopting it. Patients must be presented with all relevant information to make informed medical conditions on the best medical approach.

While KIT therapy is relatively new and still undergoing further research, current research indicates that it has a high success rate in treating depression. Additionally, research indicates that a single ketamine infusion relieves TRD symptoms in over half the patients, with the other half requiring two or three infusions. The efficiency and success rate of KIT therapy make it the ideal treatment therapy for people who are not responding to regular treatment therapy and antidepressants.

Reduces the Inflammatory Response

According to a medical study, ketamine reduces depression in various ways. First, KIT therapy combats depression by blocking the signals that cause the body to respond with an inflammatory response. Since Inflammation impacts mood disorders, including depression, by suppressing stress signals, KIT therapy stabilizes a patient's mood and, consequently, can help reduce depression. Furthermore, KIT therapy promotes communication between certain parts of the brain. When different brain sections communicate with one another, the flow of information is increased, which improves mental wellness.

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