Benefits To Picking Silicone Breast Implants Over Saline

If you want a fuller figure on the top of your body, then you may want to look into breast implants. Implants are ideal for some women, and many individuals will seek out saline over silicone varieties. However, before you go and make your choice, you should know that there are actually some benefits to the silicone implants. Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

Silicone Feels More Natural

When you meet with your plastic surgeon, you will often have the option of looking at and feeling the different breast implants that are available to you. Saline implants are much more fluid since they are basically a saltwater solution. Silicone is much thicker, and this makes it feel a lot more like the fatty tissue that makes up the bulk of the breast. 

While it can be difficult to tell whether silicone or saline implants are utilized when placed underneath a thick layer of fatty tissue, if you do not have a lot of fat in the region, saline implants may feel unnatural. 

Silicone implants have the benefit of being pre-filled by the manufacturer, so you can pick out the exact size that you want beforehand. And, since the implants come in half sizes in most cases, you can find the customized look that you desire. 

Migration Is Unlikely

When you feel the different implants, you may notice that the silicone varieties are much lighter than the saline varieties. Silicone is a thick and jelly-like substance. And while it is more solid than saline, it is lighter than the fluid used for the saline implants.

Since the silicone is lighter, the implants are less likely to move or shift. General displacement of the implant is less likely, and you are unlikely to see the implants drooping or dropping significantly due to the effects of gravity. If you are an older woman seeking an implant with a breast lift, then this means that the results of your procedure are likely to last longer.

While this is true, you should know that a larger incision will be necessary when silicone implants are chosen. Since the implants are fully sealed, this is necessary for insertion. Your plastic surgeon can go over the different incision options with you, though, so you can choose the one that you feel will be the least noticeable after you heal. 

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