3 Ways To Protect Your Senior Parent From A Spinal Compression Fracture

Now that your parent is a senior citizen, there are various health issues that you have to worry more about. For example, as people get older, they can begin to lose bone mass. This can cause them to be more prone to injuries like spinal compression fractures. Even though these things might not be completely avoidable, there are steps that you can take that can help you protect your mom or dad.

1. Encourage Your Loved One to Use a Mobility Aid

For one thing, if your loved one has brittle bones and takes a fall, he or she could be at risk of a spinal compression fracture or a broken bone somewhere else in the body. One good way to prevent your loved one from taking a tumble in the first place is to encourage him or her to use a mobility aid. Many seniors do not like the idea of using a wheelchair if they don't have to, although it can be one of the more effective options for preventing falls. However, a walker or cane can also help your loved one keep his or her footing in order to prevent dangerous falls and can allow him or her to maintain a bit of independence.

2. Encourage a Bone-Healthy Diet

Even if your loved one is already a senior citizen and already has brittle bones, it is not too late to focus on making dietary changes that can help prevent bones from becoming more brittle. By preventing the loss of more bone mass, you can help prevent your loved one from experiencing a spinal compression fracture. Talk to your loved one's doctor about making changes to his or her diet; for example, you might find that your mom or dad should be taking a calcium or vitamin D supplement.

3. Ask About Medication

Certain medications can help individuals to maintain as much bone mass as possible as they get older. If this is a concern that you have for your loved one, scheduling an appointment with his or her doctor can help you find out more about medication options that might help with this. When having a talk with the doctor about medication, make sure that you mention any other medicines that your loved one is taking to ensure that they will not interact poorly with one another and put your loved one at risk of some other health issue.

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