Conjunctivitis And Urgent Care: Is The Condition Severe Enough To Need Immediate Help?

Do you think you currently have conjunctivitis? You may have gotten up in the morning and noticed your eye was slightly swollen, itchy and possibly even covered in dried discharge. Conjunctivitis is commonly known as pink eye. It is a pain to deal with and it can happen at any given time, but it can be treated. If your primary physician does not have any openings, it is important to go to the urgent care center. Conjunctivitis can easily be spread from one person to the next and you certainly do not want your loved ones to end up dealing with the same problem.

How Does a Person Get Conjunctivitis?

There are several ways to get conjunctivitis. There is a good chance you came in direct contact with someone who was contagious, whether it was at school, work or even at a local shopping center. This type of medical condition only stops being contagious after it has been treated for at least a day with the proper medication. If you were not in contact with anyone at all recently, the cause of the conjunctivitis could be an infection.

Why Is It Necessary to Go to Urgent Care?

It is not ideal to try to treat conjunctivitis on your own with home remedies. Instead, it is best to use prescription antibiotic drops in your eye as directed by the physician. Because these drops cannot be purchased at a local pharmacy without a prescription, you will need to go into the urgent care center to receive an evaluation.

Most physicians are able to easily tell whether a person has conjunctivitis or not due to the many telling symptoms that tend to occur. If you do receive the diagnosis after your evaluation, the physician can write out a prescription for you to take to your local pharmacy. Once you begin using the drops, you may notice your eye no longer itches. The discharge should slowly start to subside, too.

While some people may not consider conjunctivitis an emergency, it is worth going to the urgent care center if you are experiencing the symptoms of this medical condition. If you are not seeking treatment, you are likely spreading it around to people in your home while continuing to deal with those annoying symptoms. Along with receiving prescription medication for the conjunctivitis, the physician at the urgent care center may write a note for you that suggests you miss school or work for a day or two to avoid spreading it around to other people.

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