Reasons To Hire A Home Health Aide If You Have Depression

If you're elderly, live alone, and are struggling with depression, getting through each day can feel like an insurmountable challenge. It's important to realize that a light at the end of a dark tunnel can come in the form of a home health aide who can visit you daily. Home health aides can help their patients in a number of different ways, but the presence of this health professional can prove especially valuable for those who are suffering from depression. Here are some reasons to hire a home health aide when you're struggling from this emotional issue.

The Visit Can Cheer You Up

When you live alone and have depression, you'll often feel isolated. While you might occasionally talk to family members on the phone, you may feel down because you have little in-person connection with others. The daily visit of a home health aide is something that can help to cheer you up. Regardless of the other duties that the aide has been hired to manage, his or her presence can be a high point in your day. You'll have someone to talk to and someone who has a clinical understanding of what you're going through. You may feel that your depression begins to lift as you eagerly anticipate this daily interaction with your aide.

You'll Have Help Getting Outside

Getting outside is useful when you have depression. There's some evidence that getting a dose of vitamin D can help when you have depression, and this vitamin is found in the sunlight. This might be why you often feel your mood become elevated when you go outside on a sunny day. If you're elderly, you may be suffering from mobility issues that prevent you from going outside for a walk given your concern over falling. Your home health aide will lift this concern by providing the necessary physical support to help you get outside and move around.

The Aide Will Help With Your Medication

Taking anti-depression medication can help with your symptoms, but it can be a challenge to take the medication regularly if you're feeling depressed and sleeping for large sections of the day. Home health aides are known for their ability to successfully manage their patients' medication. This means that your aide will determine the suggested frequency for your medication and make sure that you take it during these intervals. If you're asleep, the aide can even wake you up to ensure that you take the medication at the proper time.

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