Teenager Addicted To AMT? Information About This Dangerous Drug

AMT (Alpha-methyltryptamine) is a psychedelic drug that produces hallucinations in the people that take it. Drug addiction is hard to deal with in any family but is especially so when it comes to someone that is young. If your teenager is addicted to AMT, below is some information about it and how you can help them get off this dangerous drug.

What AMT Looks Like

In many cases, you will see AMT as a powder that is generally placed into small plastic or glass vials. In some cases, the powder is compressed and placed in tablet capsules. It can be hard to determine if your child is taking AMT because colored powders are often used so it may not always be the same color.

If you find tablets in your child's room, they will likely have some kind of logo on it, which is usually an alien head or a spider.  AMT is often sold as being Ecstasy as the tablet may be the same size and color. Both drugs are dangerous, but AMT is by far the most dangerous.

Effects of AMT

There are many signs you can watch out for to know your child is taking AMT. Besides finding the drug in their room, they may have constant headaches, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, anxiety, jaw clenching, and emotional distress. Your child may sweat profusely and tremble if they have taken a lot of this drug.

How It Can Be Administered

There are many different ways people administer AMT. If it is a tablet they take it orally or place it in their rectum. Powdered AMT is administered in several different ways. For example, it can be smoked or snorted using a pipe.

Help You Can Give Your Teen

It is very important that you get help for your teen as soon as you know they are addicted to this drug. They may resist this help, but, because they are a minor, you have the right to commit them to a drug rehab center if you choose. In some cases, simply learning how dangerous a drug is will give them the incentive to quit. Because this drug is so dangerous you should not try to help your child on your own.

Visit a few drug rehab centers in your area and check out http://www.olalla.org to learn more information about this drug. They can go over their treatment plan with you so you can determine if this would be right for your child. Ask the drug rehab center if they have experience working with AMT addiction.