Enjoyable Features To Ask For When You Shop For A Walk-In Tub

When you have limited mobility for any reason, one of the challenges that you'll face is stepping over the side of a conventional bathtub. The solution to this issue is to visit a medical supply store and order a walk-in tub that can be installed after the traditional tub is removed. Walk-in tubs are ideal because you can step right into them to bathe. Walk-in tubs can be equipped with a variety of features that will enhance your bathing experience. Here are some such features to make sure that you ask for.

Massaging Water Jets

Having a set of water jets provide you with a massage while you bathe is pleasing for everyone, but can be especially ideal for those who have limited mobility. For example, if you have arthritis in your legs, sitting in the walk-in tub and feeling the firm pressure of the hot water on your sore joints can be pleasing and provide some valuable pain relief. Walk-in tubs often include water jets in a variety of different configurations, so make sure that you buy a model of tub that will suit your needs.

Comfortable Seat

Walk-in tubs are generally equipped with a bench-style seat at one end, but the design of this seat can vary significantly between models. Some lower-end models simply have a flat bench, but if an upgrade is within your budget, it's ideal to opt for a walk-in tub that has a comfortable seat that contours to your body. For this feature, it's ideal to buy your tub in person, as you can sit in a variety of different tubs in the medical supply store to determine how comfortable each seat feels. Your baths may be lengthy if you wish to soak for pain relief, so having the right seat will dramatically augment your enjoyment of the exercise.

Heated Back Support

Even though you may be bathing in warm water, a heated back support in your walk-in tub can make the bathing experience more pleasant. If your lower back is sore, for example, it's pleasant to be able to nestle into the seat and feel the heat loosen up your tight muscles. This feature allows you to adjust the specific temperature of the back rest, giving you the ability to find a level that perfectly suits your body.

For more information about desriable features, talk to a professional who sells walk-in tubs in your area.