Why It’s Important Not to Skip Your Physical Therapy “Homework”

If you are currently doing physical therapy—whether the therapist comes to your home or if you go to a dedicated office—then you might have been given "homework" assignments by your physical therapist. These may include a few simple exercises for you to do on your own in between appointments. It can be easy to skip these exercises, but it's important to do them if you want to get the best experience from physical therapy. These are a few reasons why it's important not to skip your physical therapy "homework."

1. You Don't Want to Get Sore at Your Appointment.

If you have ever left physical therapy feeling really sore and worn out, you know how uncomfortable it can be. However, if you start doing your exercises in between appointments, you might find that you won't be as sore after meeting with your therapist. This is because doing your exercises throughout the week can help get your body used to the movements.

2. It's Important to Learn to Do It Alone.

Depending on your injury, there's a good chance that you won't be working with your physical therapist for more than a few weeks or months. These weeks or months can really help, but at the same time, it is critical to learn how to use your arm, leg, or other injured body part on your own. This can be tough to do if you only use the body part when you're with your physical therapist, so it's important to get accustomed to doing your exercises on your own. Doing so with the advice of your physical therapist can be an easier and safer option than trying to get used to it without any advisement later.

3. You Will Be Able to Report Issues.

Another good thing about doing your exercises in between appointments is that you can report issues to your physical therapist. If you notice discomfort while you're doing your exercises or if you have a bit of trouble doing them on your own, then your physical therapist needs to know about it. Then, he or she can suggest that you see your physician or can provide you with advice about how to do your exercises in a different, easier way.

As you can see, it's important not to skip your physical therapy homework, even if you don't feel like doing these exercises on the days that you don't have appointments. Otherwise, you might not get what you should out of physical therapy. Look for Genesys Hospital physical therapy or services from another establishment for further help and information.