What You Should Know About Your Child’s Köhler Disease

When you become a parent, you worry about all of the common health issues that your child may have. However, you may not consider the possibility that your child will suffer from a less common or less well-known health problem such as Köhler disease. If your child is diagnosed with this rare and uncommon health disorder, you may find yourself in need of more information about the disease as well as about your child's treatment options. Get to know some key facts about Köhler disease so that you can take the best possible care of your child and talk to their pediatrician and specialists about treatment options.

What Causes Köhler Disease?

Köhler disease is a disorder in the bones of the foot and it is usually characterized by pain and limping. However, there is little precise information on what causes this rare foot disorder.

One of the possibilities is that there is excess stress or compression on the foot during key moments of bone development. This may be a cause of Köhler disease or merely a reason for the associated symptoms of pain and trouble walking.

Doctors who work with patients with Köhler disease and have yet to form a solid consensus on whether or not there is an exact injury-related or hereditary cause for this rare bone disorder.  Additional case studies and research are needed to determine the causes, but this can be difficult because the condition is so rare.

What Are The Treatment Options?

There are numerous different treatments available for Köhler disease. Most of these treatments are about pain management and relieving the pressure and inflammation that go along with Köhler disease so that your child's bones can ossify (harden) and finish forming.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, in either prescription or over-the-counter forms, can help with general pain relief and can also reduce swelling and the associated discomfort. Orthotic devices can also help your child relive the extra pressure on their feet. These can include custom arch supports, or heel wedges that encourage your child to put less pressure on their heels.

Plaster casts created by your child's podiatrist or orthopedic pediatrician can also be used to help with pain and discomfort. These casts are designed to bear the weight your child places on their leg and foot so that they are putting far less pressure on the foot bones as they ossify.

Luckily, with time and pain management techniques, your child can overcome their Köhler disease and get back to running and playing like every other kid. So, now that you know more about this rare foot disorder and how to handle it, you can provide your child with the support and care that they need in order to overcome their Köhler disease. To learn more, speak with someone like Lawrenceville Pediatrics.