How To Treat Meniere’s Disease

If you have Meniere's disease, then you have to find a way to control your symptoms. Meniere's disease is a disorder of your inner ear that causes you to experience symptoms in episodes. The inner ear is responsible for detecting and balancing sound. If you are showing signs of Meniere's disease, then it is time to call a hearing doctor. Read on to find out how to treat this disease.

What Are Attack Episodes?

Meniere's disease affects people of all ages. However, it is more likely to affect patients over the age of 40. Patients with this disease experience five main symptoms.

These symptoms are vertigo, dulled hearing, tinnitus, sensitivity to loud noises and ear pressure. They attack you in episodes. For example, you can experience vertigo and hearing loss for several minutes before returning to normal. This attacks may occur frequently or every few months.

Can This Disease Be Treated?

The cause of this disease is really not known. One popular theory is Meniere's disease is the result of the accumulation of fluid in your inner ear. There is no cure, but you can manage the symptoms.

How To Treat It?

Treatment for this disease falls in four categories, which are diet, surgery, medication and usage of a noninvasive pressure pulse generator. Medication can prevent an attack from coming on.

Betahistine is a medication that increases the blood flow to your inner ear. It also stops fluid from accumulating in your ear and prevents other symptoms from developing.

The Meniett low-pressure pulse generator is an effective treatment for symptoms related to vertigo. This machine generates a pulse of pressurized air into the ear canal. These pulses reduce swelling and decrease the amount of excess fluid that accumulates in your inner ear.

Surgery is recommended for severe symptoms or for frequently recurring attacks of vertigo. There are several operations for treating Meniere's disease. Micropressure therapy is a surgical procedure that inserts a small tube into your eardrum. Air is blown out at low pressure into your inner ear. This procedure decreases the amount of pressure on your ear. The type of surgery that's right for you depends on your personal condition.

Eating a healthy diet is another treatment option for this disease. However, it is always important to live a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle improves your overall health as well as reducing Meniere's symptoms.

Meniere's disease is a serious condition that affects your hearing and prevents you from living a normal life. It is a condition that you should not ignore because of the possibility of permanently losing your hearing. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at Hearing Professionals.