Three Golden Benefits Of Using A Compound Pharmacy

In this day and age, you have plenty of options when it comes to the way you receive your medical care. Most people go to the doctor, get a prescription and get it filled at a drug store that carries many brand-name drugs. However, at a compounding pharmacy, your pharmacist makes the drugs right then and there to your specific need. This is an option that many people are turning to, due to some of the benefits outlined below.

Benefit #1: Your Pharmacist Makes Medicine Completely Suited To Your Needs And Conditions

Since your medicine is custom-made at a compounding pharmacy, you can have it created to deal with your own preferences. For instance, if you don't like taking pills or are worried about the side effects that come with ingesting them, such as dizziness and drowsiness, your compounding pharmacist can work around that. As opposed to prescribing you pills, they can give you alternatives like spray, gel and cream, so that you don't have to deal with those side effects.

Benefit #2: Compounding Pharmacists Focus On An Array Of Diseases And Conditions

Another benefit of a compounding pharmacy is that they deal with all sorts of ailments. This means whether you have osteoarthritis, tendinitis, aches and pains due to cancer and its treatments, fibromyalgia and any form of arthritis, you will be able to receive the treatment that you need from pharmacists who are exquisitely prepared to help you. This way, you are not just focusing on a one size fits all prescription drug, you're getting targeted care based on the need and severity of your particular ailment.

Benefit #3: Your Compounding Pharmacist Can Combine Multiple Treatments Into One

When you go to a standard pharmacy, you are only getting a drug that treats one condition. Since your compounding pharmacist makes your medicine from scratch, they can tailor make it to deal with multiple conditions all in the same dose. This gives you a greater sense of versatility with your treatment and makes it much easier to remember to take your medicine. As an added bonus, these medicines do not contain certain preservatives and allergens that you will find in standard, mass produced prescription drugs. This allows you to avoid some reactions and common side effects that patients accept and contend with when taking these drugs. 

Consider this information and don't hesitate to touch base with a compounding pharmacy, like Jeff's Prescription Shop, in your local and surrounding area.