Be Careful: 4 Ways Women Could Contract An STD From Someone

Most people think you get an STD from having sex. While this is true, there are many other ways you can get sexually transmitted diseases. Read below so you can keep yourself healthy so you do not contract or spread STDs around to other people.

Having Oral Sex

Your partner may have an STD, such as herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea, and not even know it.  They may have symptoms that are very mild, such as extra discharge from the vagina, or have no symptoms at all. Even if your partner does know they have an STD, and you still want to have oral sex, you can still get the STD from them. This is because oral sex involves skin to skin contact on your partner's penis or vagina, and oral secretions from the infected person's mouth is transferred to you.

Using Their Moist Towel

A sexually transmitted disease can be both bacterial and viral, and they can live in moist areas, such as a moist towel. If your infected partner uses a towel to dry off their body in the genital area and then leaves the towel sitting in the bathroom, do not use it yourself, as they may have contracted the STD onto it. Instead of using their towel, get a clean one for yourself. Laundering the towel will remove the infection from it.

Using A Razor

When you use a razor on your face, armpits, and/or legs, it is easy to get small scratches and nicks. If an infected person uses a razor to shave, the STD could be transmitted onto it. If you use the same razor a few minutes after they finish using it, the STD can get into your skin.

Dildos and Other Sex Toys

If the infected person uses any kind of sex toy on themselves where their secretions could get on it, and then uses the same sex toy on you, such as in the vagina or anus, you may become infected also.

Make sure the infected person sees a doctor for treatment, and then sees them again to make sure the STD is completely gone so you will not get the STD. If they even think they do, you should go ahead and get checked yourself just to be on the safe side. You can find clinics that offer free STD testing if you do not have the money to see a doctor.