Chiropractic Care For Infants: What Does It Accomplish?

Family chiropractors see patients aged newborn to ninety. You might be wondering how chiropractic care is performed on infants and whether or not it accomplishes anything. Some parents might also worry about safety; after all, infants are so fragile as it is. The truth is, chiropractic care is very helpful to infants and quite safe, since family chiropractors learn techniques that are lighter in touch for infants than adults. For all that it accomplishes, it might be something you want to seriously consider.

From Birth Canal Trauma to Happy Baby

Think about it; a baby is squeezed out head first, at an awkward angle. The fragile infant's neck is the first thing to experience post-birth trauma, followed by the twisting of the spine to help the infant escape the womb. Because the muscles are not fully developed nor strong enough to keep the infant's spine aligned and straight, it is all kinds of curved after birth. Most infants can recover some straightness over time, but chiropractic care at this stage ensures healthy development and a happier infant.

Common Infant Ailments Treated and Lessened

Chiropractors contribute fussy and colicky babies to nerves that control the stomach and digestive tract. If you have tried everything else to soothe your baby without success, chiropractic care can help. (At the very least, it cannot hurt!) Studies have shown that about ninety percent of colicky infants who receive chiropractic care alone improve their colic symptoms or stop experiencing them altogether. Those test results are enough for any exhausted new parent to give it a try. You can also learn how to massage your baby with a chiropractor's help, which can lead to better bonding and interaction with your baby.

Increased Muscle Tone and Less Pain

Since babies cannot tell parents when they are in pain, parents have to learn to listen to their babies' cries and decipher this on their own. However, chiropractors often view pain as a weakened part of the body and the nerves signal to the brain that there is a weakness. Taking that into consideration, chiropractic care on your infant can help increase muscle tone through a healthier nervous system and a series of strengthening exercises that are developmentally appropriate. Increased muscle tone means less pain, and less pain means a happier, more content baby.

Concerns for Safety Eliminated

Most chiropractors will not tell a parent that he or she cannot be in the exam room during an adjustment. They know that this is your child, and they want your help when making adjustments to the spine. Because babies are still so soft and pliable, you will not hear the cracking sound you would in adults and older children, but rather a soft "pop," if anything. It is quite safe and there is nothing to worry about. You are right there, holding your baby in position, when the chiropractor makes a few gentle pushes and it is over before you and your baby even know what happened. 

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